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Nice to meet you.
I'm Phraewphiphat Thanya, third year Doctoral Student of Kanno and Hirayama Laboratory.
Last week, we have a good opportunity to join the Third International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science held by ACEEES program in Perth, Australia, on 13 to 16 December 2014. Firstly, I would like to introduce this program, as someone might not hear about? ACEEES program is a university-wide cross-functional organization for graduate student, who would like to study to be expert in both environment and energy fields. This program was established in November 2009 at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Professors and doctoral students in various fields (material, nuclear science, environment etc.) joined this forum. It difference from other forum or conference, as its activities are not only student's presentation but also technical tour and workshop. We can present our research in own field and discuss with our roommate in other fields on workshop. That's why I gained a lot of knowledge and friendship during this forum. I have seen wild quokka, small animal that looks like mini kangaroo, during technical tour around Rottnest Island. This was the first time that I touched them and I think I cannot do it ever without coming to Australia.
Let's be honest, I was really surprised when I known that our workshop, which worked with my roommate Monami and Henry, received the collaboration award and our topic is "Propose an ideal Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic from the perspective of environmental load reduction". We never think about this award before since we are extremely anxious on our ideas and answers during presentation. We tried to think about questions and find the proper answers again and again during practice. This award makes us so proud and I can't thank my roommate enough. If you are doctoral student in ACEEES's field, you should join this forum next year. Its experience will definitely make you a stronger student and enjoyable with other students around the world.

This is Gwangseok Oh in Kanno-Hirayama laboratory. I am from Korea. Since I came to Japan last year, I have been studying for the degree of Ph.D. Last Dec 12 to Dec 16, my lab's students and professors have been to Australia for The International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science. The forum aims to nurture human resource that can lead environment and energy fields. I spent a great time with many friends from various countries in there and had such a blissful time discussing with them about environment and energy. In there, I won an award in an individual research session that is the field of secondary battery. I had never expected to be entitled to this prize. It is thanks to my professors that I won an award in the forum. This award will be motivated for my research in the future. And I will devote myself to the research more and more. I hope that it stimulates our laboratory's members to their research.

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【菅野・平山研究室】Third International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science @ Perth in Australia






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