[Yamashita, Tomita and Bryce Lab] The contribution from Durham in UK (Ver. 2)


Dear all
Almost two months have passed since I came to Durham. I have really felt comfortable here because of Durham's beautiful nature and friendly people. I have learned many interesting things from Prof. Martin Bryce and especially the lab members. I have managed to achieve the goals of the research plan proposed in the beginning.

I attended the 42nd IUPAC congress in Glasgow as a poster presenter on August 3-6. This railway trip with lab members was a really good chance for me to experience the UK. I went to some bars with lab members and tried a cider (Kopparberg: this is very tasty!). Unfortunately, I could not drink much alcohol. However I obtained courage through this experience, and my range of actions in Britain has broadened.

On the other hand, every-day tea times at 11 am and 4 pm are still important for me. Actually, I have problems with English communication skills. However, spending the same time, seeing same things and (if possible) laughing at the same jokes with members are most important. I believe that these are equal to international training as a Japanese young scientist.

(An attached picture: At an Asian restaurant in Durham on 26/08/2009; from left around the table, Prof. Martin Bryce, Murat, Kiran, Katy, Jamie, Katharine, Steven, Varery, Katja, Shashi, myself, and Pete)
Jun-ichi Nishida wrote

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